The Old Ways Of Taking Action Are NOT Working Anymore

For a long time, you’ve had this inner knowing that you were meant for something more.

Although you see many problems and sources of pain in the outside world, you’ve come to understand that all of the usual ways of taking action to “do something about it” are not working anymore.

That is because the answers to these problems and pains are not in the outside world – they lie within you.

You’re No Stranger To Shadow Work

 …moving through your own feelings and judgments of the world around you to approach the realization of “everything is me” – that is, everything that goes on outside of you is a reflection of your deepest core beliefs, including your wounds and traumas. 

By acknowledging your shadows, and creating a neutral, unattached space to observe them, you can start to discern between your wounds and judgments, and the truth of your situation.

I support my clients in creating and holding this sacred space, so they can move into clear, aligned action – not from a place of wounds or trauma, but from a place of genuine truth.

This shift comes with flow and surrender, rather than forced action.

It comes with deep self-acceptance and a sense of safety and security that comes from within you.

There Is No One Single Truth

I don’t believe there is one single truth, one single way to be, or one true meaning or purpose to life.

How we choose to perceive and live our own lives is completely up to us.

While some people are called to activism, others are called to simply observe.

When we feel aligned with who we really are, we can respect others who see things differently, while remaining truthful to ourselves.

When we work together, I don’t try to impose a specific truth or belief upon you. Instead, I work with you from a space of open curiosity as you cultivate your own reality.

Our work together is a space for you to explore your maps of reality – the stories you’ve created about your life, both consciously and unconsciously – so you can create a new map that is aligned to your soul.

What to Expect When We Work Together


We will always work within the threshold of your own energy field of mind and spirit. But we need to stretch our minds in order to dismantle what is holding you back. Be prepared to walk away with heightened awareness, new perspectives, and discovery of helpers along the way.


Healing starts from within yourself when you say YES to the help around you. Because we have free will, there is only so much we can do for you; the biggest healer is your willingness to be healed. From there your journey with us is a flower in full bloom.


Growth mentally, physically, and spiritually in the direction of who you really are. This is a process that is unique to each individual. Time and patience are needed but your growth is limitless as you unwind the mind and see what has been beyond the walls of your limitations.

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Brent Sparks

“Sarah always delivers with her coaching and insights. To say she has helped me grow is an understatement!”

Brent Sparks, Sparks SEO LLC

“Highly Recommend! I felt centered balanced and lighter after the experience. Sarah was awesome! I will definitely be returning.”

Tina B

“I was extremely satisfied with my experience, from the energy and comfort of the room, the energy from Sarah and just the whole experience of the energy cleansing was amazing. I left my session feeling cleansed of everything .. with a clean slate and she guided me with how to move forward from here. I highly recommend Sarah. She is an amazing Shaman.”

Diane M

“Sarah was amazing and a wealth of information! I felt so relaxed and at home in her space, that I was able to be open and receive. I highly recommend Sarah and her work for anyone who feels called to work with her.”

Jess G

“My session with Sarah was absolutely amazing. She began with an Oracle card reading, and continued with a complete shamanic healing session. The atmosphere was so relaxing, and Sarah used many different techniques, including sound, crystals, and journeying. When my session was complete, we discussed ways for me to continue with my own healing, aided by Sarah’s recommendations based upon meeting with my guides and her own. I’m so thankful for the guidance she provided. I highly recommend Sarah!”

Duffy F