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You are living just one perspective of your potential.

Sarah is an International Best Selling Author, Certified Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Certified Shamanic Lightworker, Yuen Practitioner, and Munay-Ki Practitioner, and trained among various healing modalities. With over 15 years of experience working in the energy realms of Spirit, guided by her healing journey to Shamanic traditions that linked her back to her roots of Earth Medicine. Through a profound journey from the depths of suicide to Earth Medicine’s reconnection, Sarah is here to bring back to the community what we have forgotten. We have lost how to live in partnership with Spirit, in a participatory way, not a descriptive way. We have forgotten how to live through our hearts. She cherishes her daily rituals with her long line of ancestors to the humble reconnection with ALL of the ancestors. By doing so, she awakens within us what has been locked away by fears, beliefs, and trauma.

As a Yuen Practitioner, a tradition utilized for over 5,000 years, she helps remove that which is not your authentic self. That coupled with Shamanic Earth Medicine, there are no limits to the potential within you. Although Sarah does not label herself as a Shaman, she honors all traditions of our Earth-honoring medicines. Words limit the vastness of Spirit that flows within all beings, plants, animals, oceans, rivers, mountains, etc.; thus, we cannot categorize ourselves without acknowledging the interconnectedness with all.

A mother of two young boys, an animal lover, and a loving wife, she has spent her Earth time clearing a path and creating bridges for the future to walk free of the chains of the unresolved energies of humanity. In doing so, trusting our children can take that quantum leap that society desperately needs in today’s world. It is not an easy task, and many, if not all of her clients and students, bear the same call within. To free our children of those bonds, we must first free ourselves. We can then hold a humble space where the future can choose to walk it by their own free will—holding unconditional love in the face of darkness and become a moving light for our future to grab.

Healing is a choice. A choice in which our intent gives us access to the healing we need, exactly where we are. Embodying that healing is the journey to becoming one with the light and dark. As a Munay-Ki Practitioner, the intention is to activate your potential and give you the tools to access your journey from a space of heart-aligned action, unconditional love, and aligned clear thinking. Sarah guides you along your journey, reminding you that true healing happens when you walk a path of authenticity and integrity.

Sarah L Breen
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