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Sarah is a mother of two young boys, rescue dog mom, and loving wife, and has spent her entire adult life rediscovering her purpose and enjoying the unique process of her journey. At the age of 20, she almost committed suicide in her attempt to see beyond where she stood physically. Like many people she lost her connection to her inner self as a teenager through a series of life experiences that led her on an unhealthy path. Her choice to stay was in alignment with her highest intention to serve others in mind and spiritual crisis. Thus, began her spiritual journey, leading her to discover paths of spiritual and mind development.

Sarah is the author of Mind Spirit Mapping, Intuitive Shamanic Bodyworker/Healer, and an Intuitive Guide. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist graduate of Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, providing healing massage for both people and animals. Her experience in massage ranges from relaxing energy alignment to chronic pain and sports therapy. Her love of bodyworking lead her to discover Shamanic techniques through an apprenticeship with a Shamanic mentor of native traditions. Sarah reveres the ancient Shamanic traditions and does not title herself as a Shaman, instead identifying as a certified Shamanic Lightworker. She uses Shamanic techniques to help others unwind in body, mind, and spirit, restoring heart connections for both people and animals. She is a spiritual guide, helping people reconnect soul pieces while realigning energy centers for optimal healing on both physical and spiritual levels. She incorporates massage techniques, reiki, sound healing, and the shamanic arts with permission from her guides, mentors, and ancestors to apply in her daily practice for herself and everyone she encounters. She also took her love to canines, working side by side with an animal behaviorist to help owners and pets reconnect through the heart using touch, intention, and lots of patience. Her intention is to help you heal yourself; and by healing yourself, you are helping heal the masses, and our planet.

Sarah L Breen
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