5 Steps to Self-Empowerment

Empowering yourself can seem like a daunting task. Something you added to your growing to-do list. Adding something like spiritual development, self-care, or worse, shadow work to your lists may make you feel you need more sleep instead. What if every moment of every day done intentionally makes your self-empowerment seem seamless?   First, let's [...]

5 Steps to Self-Empowerment2022-04-30T14:58:46-04:00

Remember We Are Mirrors

People say “I don’t know how you do everything you do!” One word: commitment! I made a decision before opening my eyes in this body that this go-around was going to be different. So I’ve spent years of dedication and learning! Formal training after formal training I would follow my curiosity and investigative ways. But [...]

Remember We Are Mirrors2021-12-16T13:55:39-05:00

What if everything is now as it seems?

What if everything never means what you think it means? What if we constantly challenge the box we automatically put our thoughts and beliefs in? What if everything explained means you can’t justify your drama anymore? What if everything you see and feel is an expression of your own projection of love? (Ouch) What if [...]

What if everything is now as it seems?2021-07-31T12:20:30-04:00

Deep Dive

The deep dive When you dive into your inner world, you dive into a pressurized container. When we dive in the water, we know the water is the container to our adventure and within that adventure holds many unknowns. You accept that there are unknowns, but the water still calls you. Your consciousness is the [...]

Deep Dive2021-07-31T12:17:04-04:00

Elemental Workshop

It has been officially sent to the printer! Waiting for my proofs to come back! A FULL 64-page spiral-bound book! I've been busy LOL Dates will be announced as soon as I have the proofs back! Thinking of a September start. A blurb on the project: The intent of this series is to bring you [...]

Elemental Workshop2021-07-31T12:15:03-04:00

Work from the Heart

Mind Body Spirit Mapping·Monday, March 30, 2020· At Mind Body Spirit Mapping we are dedicated to encouraging others to find their center and move towards it. “Each person has their own unique story, path, and way to their center; it is my job to be a competent guide as we highlight the light that has [...]

Work from the Heart2020-03-30T22:55:46-04:00

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