Mind Spirit Mapping Masterclass

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You’re not here by accident

Has something been calling you but you cannot seem to be able to describe it?

Have you been on this journey for some time now?

Has each step given you an entirely new perspective… But you’re still not sure what YOUR truth really is?

Good and bad have come out of it and at some point, things go sideways again. But you know that it is much more than knowledge! An application of these ideas will give you an understanding within yourself; the core of you! Your core is calling you to create rightful relationships with your truth.

After so many attempts to reach your goals, you find yourself face down in the dirt once again. Thinking that THIS time will finally feel like the answer you have been looking for.

Then, something tends to take the rug out from underneath you making you feel you have taken 10 steps backward. You want to run back into safety but KNOW that is not the answer! Old feelings, situations, and patterns keep finding their way back into your life. You may say “I thought I was done with this _____!”

So, what’s the big deal? Your heart tells you a different story than your mind. We have found that through numerous attempts to seek an understanding of yourself, it still eludes you! Why? There is a deeper side of you. It is equipped with camouflaging techniques that can make a mountain out of a molehill. If you stay too long, it will create a new mountain for you to climb in the wrong direction. Left to its own devices you will find yourself thinking you’re on the right track but slowly slipping into a deeper sleep.

Today, we live in a world of information. Swimming through concepts, stories, and theories to entertain any train of thought. The more we crave, the more that is available to you. This is what we call “shelf help”; you have every tool, trick, tip, and fancy material sitting on your physical and/or mental shelf waiting for you to “I’ll start that tomorrow”. Priorities, boundaries, hunger for more creates more of a cloud than a clearing into clarity.

We have spent our entire journey identifying patterns, observing human nature, and embracing the invisible realms to show us something we cannot understand by ourselves.

Just one unique pattern identified and changed can make a world of difference in your life.

Application or ACTION is part of the process, but we must know what to keep and what to release into the fire; what perspectives are truly yours and which ones are false programming.

That is why we use a simple approach that will ignite a flame from within. To help you peel off what has been imprinted on you and start the inward healing journey. With a simple understanding and application, you can alter your life to flow from your heart.

Mind Spirit Mapping Masterclass is designed to bring you through that process of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul connection. This is a connection that must be met to live well, intend through the heart, and LIVE WITH PURPOSE.

We must work through each level of you so you may choose a perspective that meets your core truth. We must lessen the emotional burden you carry with you, this is part of the original teachings of our planet.

Come find out over 12 weeks what you are made of and how you can operate from your core truth. When you recommit to living from the heart, it will always lead you in the direction of your calling.

his is a LIVE 3 month series on Zoom! Please register to join this upcoming event HERE


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