People say “I don’t know how you do everything you do!”
One word: commitment!
I made a decision before opening my eyes in this body that this go-around was going to be different. So I’ve spent years of dedication and learning! Formal training after formal training I would follow my curiosity and investigative ways.
But not without:
– mastering my mind
– challenging my behaviors
– challenging my beliefs
– sitting with pain
– sitting with suffering
– sitting with decisions that change the course of my life yet again
But ALWAYS done with HEART!
Learning and unlearning is important!
Mastering your mind to cultivate it as a tool to your heart is imperative!
Peeling back your justifications to realize that you’re the only one stopping you from stepping into the decision your soul made before you opened your eyes and took your first breath.
Today is here. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.
So why spend your time in the past or in someone else’s beliefs?
How you justify that is YOUR limiting belief.
I’ve been called names in the realms I walk in spirit and never let it inflate my ego. Sure it’s cool to be called by your original name and labels but that’s holds nothing in the world we live in now.
How you show up, not by action alone, tells it all.
How YOU react to how someone shows up tells it all about YOU.
How do I do it all?
Commitment, learning, studying, being humble, and having a sense of humor.
I’m glad I can poke within you what is always alive and available to you 😘
Remember that one!