What do I need?

If you feel run down, energy is low, and you can’t seem to find a sense of peace… we suggest a

Shamanic Energy Healing Session or Matrix Clearing & Guidance Phone Session.

The difference between the 2 services is the intent and the depth of tools we use to go even deeper. The Matrix Clearing session utilizes a 5,000-year-old Chinese method to remove what no longer serves you while strengthening the aspects of you that hide within your field.

The Shamanic Energy Healing utilizes the matrix clearing along with deeper healing with the ancestors, past lives, soul retrievals, imprint clearing, trauma clearing, and more than we can list. It is a full spectrum healing bringing your authentic self forward.

Please visit each service for full descriptions.

Sometimes we need to clear the clutter in order to see the forest through the trees. This is a process of taking out the trash (what no longer serves you) and taking a moment to feel what pulses as your truth.

If you feel you are driven to be here and need to refocus back on YOU and find your light again… then we suggest attending one of our Workshops that calls to you.

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Shadow Deconstruction Readings

Book your Shadow Reading with Sarah Breen, aka the Shadow Walker, to embrace your shadows to own your light! A shadow reading is developed by Sarah and her guide team to bring your perspective to what may be holding you back. Our shadows is something we are unconscious of and through years of private and group work Sarah has witnessed the transformations that come from embracing our shadows.



1-on-1 Mentoring to help you on your journey exactly where you are, who you are, and expanding upon that. Weekly calls based upon availability to reignite your connection to your authentic self.


Animal Healing

Phone or distance healing is sent to your pet in the form of reiki, shamanic techniques, and protection bands. This is customized to what the pet needs and any messages that they wish the owner to know at the time of their session.


Soul Expansion Readings

This reading is a channeled audio recording emailed to you for safe keeping on your soul foundational principles. These do come with exposing the cracks that hold us from landing on our foundational truth. Sarah and her council of guides team up with your soul aspect pulling at the threads tied to your sacred heart. From there we open the doors of what you need to embrace in order to realign to your truth. Your truth is uniquely yours and your life expresses its alignment or misalignment through your awareness.

Take some time. Heal . You deserve it.