What do I need?

If you feel run down, energy is low, and you can’t seem to find a sense of peace… we suggest a Shamanic Healing Session.

Sometimes we need to clear the clutter in order to see the forest through the trees. This is a process of taking out the trash (what no longer serves you) and taking a moment to feel what pulses as your truth.

If you feel you are driven to be here and need to refocus back on YOU and find your light again… then we suggest attending a Mind Spirit Mapping Masterclass Workshop.

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Spirit Guided Readings

The intention of these readings is to connect with your well ancestors and guides who want to help you get on your path. These readings were designed by Sarah's ancestors and guides to help assist you in refocusing on the BEING aspect of our lives along with some action homework to help seal the pattern from reliving.

Take some time. Heal . You deserve it.