Shamanic Energy Medicine


Energy Healing to Integrate your Spirit, Soul, Mind, and Body.


Shamanic Energy Medicine

Take some time to lighten your energetic load, which will lead you to clarity, a lighter feeling, and reconnection back to your inner peace. Come and experience the ancient medicine traditions to help release distortion, stories that no longer serve you, and restore you to an authentic way of being. This is done through a healing process where you embody the medicine wisdom while maintaining a rightful relationship with nature.

Energy healing session customized to your needs. Modalities range from, but not limited to, Mesa healing, subconscious rebalancing, crystals, shadow work, sound (such as crystal bowls, bells, drums, rattles, tuning forks, etc.), ancestor healing, bands of protection, rites of passages, chakra clearing, soul retrievals, skull healing, and communication with your spirit guides. Sarah will help you journey through your healing process. Each session is based upon your needs unique needs and how much you can embody healing within that session. Homework is offered along with guidance to realign with your heart, your authentic self.

These sessions are designed to remove imprints of energy that are sometimes formed in a trauma state. These also can be linked to our unresolved ancestors, past lives, karma, and so on. Our job is to track and treat the ROOT to your underlining symptoms. Our traditions not only work with the energetic field, but the mind and body as well. We find symptoms like binge eating, body pain, and negative mental chatter is linked to a energetic trauma that set itself in motion to eventually disrupt the physical body.

It’s more than energy work. We have to work with the mind to recreate a story that ignites you to your truth rather than the probability of (cancer, memory loss, genetic dispositions, etc).

We then have to work with the physical body. This means we have to look at where within the body you are affected with this root issue. This means changing your diet and becoming conscious of what we use around our body and put in our body.

It is often said “curing rarely leads to healing but healing almost always results in a cure”.

What is Shamanic Medicine?

Shamans of the Andes are the keepers of wisdom passed down from the high mountains. Over time the call reached western civilization and initiations were granted. They are the earth keepers, those who view and heal the whole, not just the symptoms. Shamanic medicine involves reaching into the depths of your mind and bringing yourself to alignment with your core truth. Embracing the medicine wheel, you will embark on a journey of self-realization, empowerment, and the profound healing of your life. Shamans invoke the healer from within, and you are asked to humbly answer your calling.

  • Realign

  • Receive Guidance

  • Ancestor Healing

  • Soul Retrieval

  • On Going Healing


In-person or Virtually (Zoom or Phone)

90min sessions



“A cure rarely ends in a healing but a healing almost always results in a cure.”