Private Matrix Mapping and Clearing


Getting out of your own way…

Would you like to remove the blockages that keep you in a holding pattern or a “stuck” feeling? Since we are integrative beings, a collaboration between mind, body, spirit, and soul journey, we are here to release patterns of our pasts to move forward to our becoming. Our western society has taught us how to lock away aspects we cannot rationalize with the mind, leaving us open to unresolved patterns from all time, space, and realities. Yes, it goes far beyond you, BUT with your free will and intent to be in your authentic power, we can clear the matrix and reroute you to your potential.

How it works:
As a private phone reading and clearing session designed to strengthen and clear energetic weaknesses to their root cause to improve all aspects of your life, these weaknesses can include patterns that keep us stuck from generations, relationships, past trauma, and shadows. The task is to bring you to a neutral state of being as we separate what no longer serves you—enabling you to make conscious choices without the emotional triggers that weaken your matrix. As a Yuen practitioner and fluent tracker within shamanic traditions, Sarah can tap into your guides and ancestors as we clear out what no longer serves you with proper guidance and clearing.


$100 per 1hr Call

Brent Sparks

“Sarah always delivers with her clearings and insights. To say she has helped me grow is an understatement!”

Brent S.

Take some time. Heal. You deserve it.