At Mind Body Spirit Mapping we are dedicated to encouraging others to find their center and move towards it. “Each person has their own unique story, path, and way to their center; it is my job to be a competent guide as we highlight the light that has been inside all along,” says Sarah, Owner, Author, and Shamanic Lightworker at Mind Body Spirit Mapping.
Through years of working with the public, Sarah found patterns in the thoughts and emotions of clients and loved ones. Determined to figure out the simplest way possible to explain and encourage others to seek out their inner calling she, in turn, found hers. Sarah found her path into shamanic teachings, one of earth medicine that encompassed the reconnect of mind, body, spirit, and soul.
It does not matter where you are on your journey, what matters is your choice to move forward and find what calls you. “Our world is changing rapidly and the call for your inner truth is calling from within.” Sarah continues “you do not need to place a label on it nor should you feel you have to completely explain it either. It is a process I call Mind Spirit Mapping; a unique space for you to unravel, become one within a moment in time, and expand on it each day.”
How do we do that? By working from the heart.